We specialize in toy and miniature poodles. The size is smaller but everything is extremely similar. Toy is under 8 lbs and Miniature is under 10 lbs. They are hypoallergenic and do not shed! Its wonderful! Their coat is soft like cotton and can be wavy or curly. 

Poodles are athletic, require exercise, love walks, hikes, and nice run from time to time. They are very quick to please which is why they are so obedient and easy to teach.

Nutrition is very important! You want to find a good quality food with high protein. We feed ours Diamond Naturals and supplement with Nuvet vitamins.

I do recommend crate training. A crate is just like a crib for a baby/toddler. There are times when puppy needs to sleep or just take a break. It is good for their mind and body.